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           The master in finance Program (MIF) is designed to produce financial specialists with breadth and depth knowledge. The distinctive competencies of program include its innovative curriculum, outstanding faculty both local and international, extensive student leadership development and overseas learning opportunities. The integration of financial ethics with the courses throughout the curriculum is also our strength.

           The quality of the program is recognized by the best European and American schools judging from the quality of our outgoing Thai students exchanged to our leading partners universities such as University of Texas at Austin, University of Ottawa etc. In addition, the program is recognized by the incoming foreign exchanged students. The MIF program, thus, is best suited for those who seek to get latest knowledge in financial market. As Thai financial market is evolving into the next phase with more complicated products, the capable financial personnel are strongly needed.

           Since its inception in 1999, The Master in Finance Program committed to a vision of delivering academic excellence and keeps our graduates abreast of fierce competition with the most recent. We will continue to respond proactively to the ever changing environment and to play a leading role as an innovator in scholarly activities.

Career Opportunities
           The MIF program has a strong disciplinary base in quantitative finance that will enable students to apply sophisticated analytical finance techniques leading to more specialist careers in finance. The curriculum provides greater technical training than being offered in other degree programs such as the Master of Business Administration Program, which is targeted towards those who desire a career in management. As a result, the MIF program is more industry oriented than the MBA Program.

           MIF's reputation steadily increases as more and more graduates advance into key leadership roles. MIF graduates generally consider career options in financi alanalysis,investment banking, portfolio management, capital budgeting, international finance, financial risk management. Illustrative positions for graduates include analysts,strategists or risk managers where a strong quantitative background is a competitive advantage.
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