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The MIF Program is highly selective we seek a diverse group of students whose competitive academic performance, significant professional, strong leadership potential and personal qualities such as maturity, self-confidence, motivation and strong interpersonal and communication skills meet the demands of the program and promises a successful financial career. MIF admissions process is structured to enable potential candidates to demonstrate these skills though the selection process.

The interview examination allows prospective students to show qualities such as interpersonal and communication skills, which are difficult for us to assess on the basis of a written examination alone.          


The MIF admits not more than 60 students per year. The qualification requirements and admission criteria are outlined below.


A prospective candidate must:

1. hold a bachelor degree in any field from an institution accredited by Thammasat University Council or its international equivalent.
2. have qualifications in compliance with Thammasat University Regulations.
3. no work experience required but some exposure to the financial industry is an advantage.


To be admitted in the MIF Program, successful candidate must meet the following criteria:

1. English Proficiency: one of the following is acceptable.

*Submitting TOEFL score >= 550 on paper based test or >= 213 for computer based test or >= 79 on internet based test
* Submitting IELTS score >= 6.5
* Submitting TU-GET score >= 550
All scores must be taken within the last 2 years.

2. Quantitative Proficiency: one of the following is acceptable.

*Submitting GMAT score >= 80 th percentile on quantitative part, taken within the last 5 years
* Taking The International Graduate Programs Admission Test

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