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   Exchange Program
          The MIF Program believes a global perspective on business is best developed by hands-on experiences, participating at the international environment. Close co-operation with Thammasat Business School's collaborative Universities abroad through "The Student Exchange Program" enriches the international opportunities available for MIF students.

         The exchange program has been established through the academic collaborations between the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Thammasat University and its prestigious network foreign universities. The aim of the exchange program is to upgrade the pedagogy to the international standards and to produce graduates who are well aware of the globalized world economy. The Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Thammasat University encourages the exchange of faculty and students with foreign network universities throughout the world. Students will have an opportunity to spend one semester studying in international environment and to gain valuable experiences outside classrooms.

While abroad, MIF students will continue hands-on and collaborative learning through interactions with academic, business leaders, public officials, local companies, and multi-national corporations as well as enjoy the time spent in social setting outside the classroom. At the same time, students from our networked institutions come to MIF to gain experience stdying and exploring Thailand. They bring new perspectives on business issues and share their views, work experiences, travel experiences or cultural differences with their classmates. To learn more about The International Exchange Program, please visit

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