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Course Structure

MIF is a sophisticated degree program taught by well-know faculty. The leading-edge curriculum offer an 
unsurpassed experience that fosters both of intellectual growth and the development of new tools to meet 
the specific current and future needs of finance professionals. The MIF program prepares student for advanced 
careers in finance through a rigorous and innovative curriculum that combines advanced financial theory and 
quantitative methods with real-world practice.  An extensive review of fundamental tools and concepts in finance
provides students with a foundation for advanced work in corporate finance, investment and financial institutions.

The Curriculum
Name of Curriculum
Master of Science Program in Finance (International Program)
Name of Degree
Master of Science (Finance)
M.Sc. (Finance)

Plan A



Plan A consists of 45 credits. The structure of curriculum is shown below.

                        Core Courses

Plan B

Independent Study


Plan B consists of 45 credits. The structure of curriculum is listed below.

                        Core Courses
                        Plan-B Requirement
MIF Extension Program  
The Master in finance (MIF) program at Thammasat University is an advanced finance program for people 
of diverse backgrounds who are interested in developing core knowledge and skills in modern financial 
theories and practice. With an aim to accommodate both academic and finance practitioners, courses are 
offered on weekday evenings and weekends. The trimester system allows students to complete 45 credit 
hours over the period of 2 years. The regular program begins with the pre-term course which equip student 
with quantitative foundations necessary for core courses. Core courses, which are compulsory, cover 
foundation theoretical financial knowledge that guides students for elective course and financial research. 
Once the attainment of mandatory prerequisites is fulfilled, during the second and third trimester each year 
selected elective course are offered for students. 

Since its inception in 2001, the MIF program has steadily gained reputation as one of the leading finance program 
in the country. With the philosophy of striving for excellence in providing finance education, the MIF Extension 
Program is launched in 2006 to facilitate the development of a new environment for learning and discovery.
The MIF Extension Program  
The MIF Extension Program provides an opportunity for finance professionals to take MIF Elective course(s) of their 
particular interest together with regular MIF students. The program provides mutual benefits for both regular MIF 
students and non-degree students. The program focuses on emerging of a well-balanced blend of academic and 
practical knowledge through class discussions, exchange of ideas, joint research and other various activities of these 
two groups of students. 

The MIF Extension Program will announce in advance a list of selected courses. No more than 10 non-degree students
will be accepted for each elective courseoffered. These selected non-degrees must conform to the 
Thammasat University’s and MIF programs rules and regulations. They are required to attend classes,participate in 
class discussion, submit assignments, take quizzes and exams, and join regular students in other class activities. 

To apply for the MIF Extension Program, prospective non-degree students must submit an application form and supporting 
documents. The MIF admission committee will review all related documents, including academic background and work 
experience, and evaluate interview performance before approval. Upon completing the course, non-degree students will 
be awarded a certificate of attending the MIF Extension Program for that particular course.
Applicant’s Qualifications  
1. Hold a bachelor’s degree in any field.
  2. Have some working experiences in the field of finance.
  3. Earn English proficiency score at a minimum 550 on TU-GET, 213 on TOEFL or level 6 on IELTS.
  4. Obtain a letter of referral from the present employer.
Admission Process  
1. Applicant submit application form along with supporting documents listed below: Download application form
  1.1 A transcript
  1.2 A proof of valid English proficiency score
  1.3 Two letter of recommendations
  1.4 A letter of referral from the present employer
  2. Applicants must attend an interview.
  3. Earn English proficiency score at a minimum 550 on TU-GET, 79 - 80 on TOEFL or level 6 on IELTS.
  4. Obtain a letter of referral from the present employer.
The evaluation standards are similar to those of MIF regular students in association with the Thammasat University 
grading system. However, in order to be awarded a certificate from the MIF Program, candidate must achieve at least 
a grade of “B”.
Application Submission Period:  
1. Through the end of June for the course(s) beginning in September
  2. Through the end of October for the course(s) beginning in January

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