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Job Description:

1) Assist in building financial models for companies in energy, petrochemical, power, and renewable sectors

2) Manage meeting schedule for senior analyst (myself)

3) Writing reports for the companies in renewable energy and material sectors including wind, solar, biomass, biowaste, cement, and ceramics

4) Assist in summarizing the key points from the company meetings and visits

5) Answer clients’ questions and complete the clients’ requests for the covered companies

6) Conduct a joint roadshow and marketing  trips at both local and overseas to meet fund managers

Career development skills

1. Report writing in English

2. Financial analysis

3. Financial modeling

4. Presentation skills

5. Key point summary skill

6. In-dept industry knowledge for oil & gas, refinery, coal, petrochemical, power, renewable, cement, and building material

Career path: could develop from assistant to become junior analyst to cover her own stocks within 1-2 years to cover both local and foreign client base.


Suwat Sinsadok

Energy & Petrochemical analyst

CIMB Securities (Thailand)

Office: 662 6579228



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